Exposed beams & Obama’s Kevlar V The Laguna

Most of the beams at Project Cathedral were, sadly, a bit crap, so had to be boxed off and feature lighting added to them for a bit of extra interest. One was ok, in the bedroom, and was duly sanded down using a hand sander. You don’t need to get a particularly smooth finish, unless I get a tenant with extraordinarily lengthy arms, no-one will be running their fingers along it. Here you can see the difference where the darker section has had teak oil brushed on (precariously from a very wonky ladder).
The colours all come to the fore and all of a sudden a rather pale and uninteresting beam, looking a bit like my leg in March, suddenly looks like Posh Spice’s Fakebaked pin in Milano.

Obama’s heading off to have breakfast with Gordon Brown this morning, a bet Gordo’s a laugh a minute to break a croissant with, eh. Apparently Obama’s car has Kevlar wheels and a cavalcade of protection, well, he’s got nothing on the Laguna this morning, fully loaded, primed and ready to do the Burton Rd, Ikea, B&Q, Bishops Corner, Stockport Glass and Ballbrook Court run. Kevlar wheels. Wet fanny.

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