I love it when tenants get giddy

Its been a tough few weeks, but Project Cathedral is very nearly complete, and I feel like a proud parent. The mahogany fireplace has gone, as has the woodchip paper, the emerald green carpet and the unacceptably low ceilings! Opening up the ceilings to reveal the A frame of the roof has transformed the place, it seems huge compared to the flat that it once was. The tenant came over today and was giddy with excitement, saying it was glamorous and gorgeous and how she couldn’t just have a house warming, but had to have cocktails as the apartment deserved no less – lovely. In the depressing world of the landlord, thats the best feeling, that someone can’t wait to move into the home you have created. It isn’t all about money, no matter what the “buy-to-let” haters think.
I haven’t had time to take all the photos, the shower is yet to be sealed and little bits to be finished but its almost done. Good Friday, a 7pm finish (positively early) and a Gurkha Grill – luxury.

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