The trend for all things Indian

I met and interviewed the lovely Victoria Redshaw from trend forecasters Scarlet Opus at Design Interiors Birmingham this year; just got an email from Decorex today, highlighting a hot trend forecast by Victoria for this year – all things Indian:

Interior Trend - Indian Odyssey
Interior Trend - Indian Odyssey

Western consumers are showing renewed interest in all things Indian this Spring/Summer.  This will continue to be fuelled by India’s hosting of the 2010 Commonwealth Games and has been reinforced by Slumdog Millionaire winning 8 Oscars and 7 BAFTA’s.

Prior to the Games in Delhi the V&A Museum in London will present an exhibition entitled: ‘The Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts’ (Oct 2009-Jan 2010) which will help to push this Spring/Summer trend into Autumn/Winter 2009/10 bringing some much needed colour to the darker season.

• The abundance of different patterns working together is balanced, not chaotic.  The pattern mash-up enriches room schemes: over-sized Paisley, Kashmiri’s, Boteh borders, Buti florals and Butterflies.
• Saris are used for window treatments, table and bed runners and decorative room dividers.Lighting is jewel-tinted.  Candlelight is crucial.  Ornate tea lights and wall sconces.
• Hammered and cut-out copper tabletops, panels, screens and lighting.
• Images of Gods and Goddesses intrigue.

In addition to the exotic sari shades and striking jewel colours there are also rich spice and dark maroon tones inspired by the Monsoon rains and mists.  A visual opulence is reinforced by the use of burnished copper and brass.

Scarlet Opus is dedicated to providing Trend Forecasting information to businesses in the Interiors sector including interior & product designers, manufacturers and retailers.  You can check them out and contact Victoria at: or read more at

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