Rocking my heart monitor

This heart monitor thing has been quite annoying today a) it keeps falling off being clipped to my pants b) there are three wires  wrapped around my body and c) I can’t have a shower – yuck!! Plus its bigger than an IPod but still doesn’t play any tunes. The nurses were lovely, and the appointment was bang on time, but I have to say, I was surrounded by the clinically obese and the somewhat elderly, and two of the nurses asked me curiously why I was there! It was very weird seeing my heart valves opening and closing on the tv screen, and hearing it whooshing, weird. And it’s sods law isn’t it, no palpitations all day, I was so tempted to have a couple of red bulls. 

Well, if something was going to give my heart a flutter it was the lovely article on my Project Cathedral in May’s Didsbury magazine. It’s been downsized but fattened up into a fab handbag sized glossy, very cute, and the photos look lovely. I whizzed down there and picked up a box full of copies to give to all the trades and suppliers, even dropped one off with the guys who sourced me the oversized floorboards at Fallowfield Timber – I reckon that’s the first time they’ve been name checked in a glossy 🙂

Also had a very pretty tiptoe through the bluebells at Reddish Vale woods today. Michael, Hannah and I had two eps of Homesmine to film, and got two done in one afternoon, result. It was all country-shabbychic-interiorsified so we didn’t have to be place specific,  and could just do lots of pretty Spring type blossom shots, makes a change from main roads and white van man bipping when he sees a camera. It’s proving hard to sell eps at the moment, developers haven’t got any cash (who has??!), so there will be lots of repeats and interior types shows I think!
And when I saw the Tuscan Olive worktop, my day was complete, looks fabtastic. Moregeous in fact.

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