Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2009

This takes place in October this year, last year’s was a great exhibition, taking place at Manchester Grammar School. A showcase for local talent, as well as designer makers from further afield, and a real refreshing change from getting on the M1 to go to London exhibitions. Surely this year more than ever is about supporting small businesses and buying local?

I’ve been asked if I want to be on the selection panel next week, to go through the 300 and odd entries to whittle them down to the 130 stalls available. 
The other panel members are Philip Hughes Director of Ruthin Craft Centre,North Wales

Kay Day Director of Manchester Craft & Design Centre
Izzy McDonald Booth, Buyer and Curator National Glass Centre Gallery Sunderland

Teleri Lloyd-Jones, Assistant Editor Craft Magazine
Er, yes!!!! And I am really looking forward to it, a whole day looking at gorgeous crafts and new designs and local makers work. Excellent! Cash bribes welcome if you have applied…..
That is clearly a joke for those of you with no sense of humour.
Last year the event was sponsored by design blog, which is a  Manchester based blog about UK independent designers, makers, artists and crafters. The blog features designers from a wide variety of disciplines, with everything from up and coming fashion labels, ceramics and textile designers to contemporary art, photography and jewellery. If you want to find out more about them, head to:

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