Green shoots?

Chatting with some Didsbury estate agents yesterday about the local property market and they are adamant things are getting better, though whether this is simply relative to how bad things were, I don’t know. More sensible offers are being made, they say, not the unbelieveably cheeky ones they have seen over the last few months, and they think the real bargains have been had now. 

I remain unsure about that. Homeowners are still coming to the ends of their deals and facing nasty surprises when the value of their homes are revised for any new deal, landlords are facing increasing competition and static rents, and developers still cannot get any cash from the banks.
I hear day after day from people struggling to get by and hit by the uncertainty of the future, and that’s the killer. You just can’t plan anything right now, because the blinkin goal posts move every other day. I was adamantly going to refurb my own home, then that had to change to doing a new build, now I’m unsure whether to just sit tight. It’s bloody annoying thats what it is.
And still my hands are full of is it Lyme isn’t it Lyme lumps and bumps, 3 weeks of super strength antibiotics later…. this being even more irritating than the credit crunch.

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