Property tip: Oak mantelpiece from reclaimed timber

I always have bits and pieces of timber lying around the cellar…. house…. garden…. well, anywhere really, and they come in useful when something unusual is called for. I get them from building sites, tree surgeons, all sorts of places. Mr M whistles the theme from Steptoe and Son at me when I bring home another piece of treasure to save for a rainy day or a dull wall. Even Sarah Beeny was very dismissive of my bits of salvaged timber but I think they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Used a chunky piece of oak this week to create a mantelpiece in Project BB, above a very sad looking hole which once housed a 1950’s gas fire and now tenants pop in pebbles and tea lights. I sanded it down and brackets, hidden behind chiselled out plaster then filled over, support it so it looks like it’s floating.

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