Paint your laminate flooring, credit crunch style!

Project BB was looking a little tired, as well as filthy, and the living room laminate floor, which has seemed oh so funky in 2001, now looked like a battered old squash court. Time for a change, but no cash, in the attic or otherwise 🙂
So a Sian stylee makeover was needed, starting with the floor. Inspired by the gorgeous brilliant white floor in Project Cathedral, but lacking the new extra wide pine boards, a little experiment has been carried out. Laminate lightly sanded, oil based primer sponge-rollered on (don’t use brushes as they leave lines and hairs), then get rid of all the dust and close all the windows, cause heaven only knows where all the dust, insects and bits of fluff come from.
After the primer, comes the two coats of diamond eggshell white paint – water based, not oil, as oil based gloss paint eventually yellows and looks hideous. Of course if you are using another colour, then this doesn’t matter, though water based eggshell dries a zillion times quicker than gloss.
Then two coats of varnish, flooring hardness, I used Ronseal cause it does what it says etc etc 🙂
And suddenly, the room was transformed, I was delighted with it. Blitzed the Ikea tables with gloss, new lights instead of the papery student ones, new hanging panels at the windows and a zippy Ikea print on the wall. Lo and behold the very next day, two lots of tenants fighting over it. Result.
Of course there was the obligatory disaster. Not mine, you understand, because I wouldn’t have been stupid enough (like a man was) to move chocolate brown gloss paint (like a man did) and put it on the communal hallway carpet (like a man did) without ensuring the lid was properly on (like a man did)……

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  1. Wow, you answered my prayers! God-awful pergo floors have got to go, but didn’t want to spend the boatload! Thanks for the detailed instructions. How is it holding up? A true test would be renters! Btw, I really like your hallway carpet, minus the mishap…what kind of carpet is it?

  2. I painted my hallway floor and then used tile stickers to mimic a tiled floor (bought from the glorious bay of E), used floor paint, then tile stickers then 4 coats of varnish (the one that looks like milk) fabulous!

  3. Did you sand the laminate first. I really want to try this but dine of the varnish had come of old floor and want sure if i should sand the floor lightly. Thank you do much

    1. Hi Ann, if there is loose varnish then a light sand is definitely a good idea. You don’t want any loose varnish to flake away and spoil the end result. There is also a company called Zinsser who make amazing products which key really well to any vanish and thus allows you to paint over the top. Check out their website x

  4. thanks so much the idea, i have other things to do around the house that’s going to be rather costly, so by doing this and adding a stencil design, i can put off replacing my laminate with real wood:)

  5. does is matter what brand of paint you use? is diamond a name brand? Is Ronseal the best sealant for the job? what product should i use as for cleaning the floors?

    1. I would recommend a water based white quick dry eggshell. I used Dulux, their Diamond Eggshell. Then a water based clear lacquer, my fav at the moment is Junkers one called Strong Plus!

  6. how about dogs running across it? Do you think it will hold up okay? The existing wood floor is to thin to refinish.

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