Homesmine Summer Interiors special

Todays new Homesmine Ep 21 ( I think!) – 
features lots of great designs, products and people we’ve met at recent shows like Birmingham Interiors and 100%.

Above is the BRILLIANT invention the Snood, a magnetic halogen light revitaliser!,and an interview with the inventor  herself.

I also had a chat with the furniture designer Amy Vinn about her funky and fun award winning Allsorts furniture, admired by Bertie Bassett himself.

More young designers work which is pictured on the episode can be seen at :

Also featured on today’s show is trend forecaster Victoria Renshaw from Scarlet Opus, who I’ve blogged about before on – Astley/blog/2009/feb/01/alice-in-wonderland/   
Now there’s a woman who knows her industry; she’s fascinating, interesting, and friendly to boot.

And last but not least Anna Ryder Richardson gave us a masterclass in dressing rooms to impress with a demo down at John Lewis. That lady is seriously enthusiastic. Whenever I see a bit of dippy hemming, I will think of her haha.

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