Decadence in Rice Bar

Last week's Homesmine featured Rice Bar, in Manchester, and an interview with the owner Manoj. Tucked away at the rear of the restaurant is the door to decadence, your very own private dining experience, where you can conjure up your own menu and be pampered hidden away from the Great Unwashed. It's a definite lobster,... Continue Reading →

Tempted by the Tempus apartments?

Michael and I were dispatched to film today at Tempus Tower, just a stone's throw from Harvey Nics in Manchester, and it was definitely one of the more luxurious apartments we've filmed over the months! We headed up to the 19th floor, I love hearing the word Penthouse 🙂 The development consists of a mill... Continue Reading →

Homesmine Summer Interiors special

Todays new Homesmine Ep 21 ( I think!) - features lots of great designs, products and people we've met at recent shows like Birmingham Interiors and 100%.Above is the BRILLIANT invention the Snood, a magnetic halogen light revitaliser!,and an interview with the inventor  herself.I also had a chat with the furniture designer Amy Vinn about her... Continue Reading →

Channel M lives to fight another day

Its tough tough tough out there, and even the 'glamorous' tv world isn't immune. Every media type person I speak to is looking for exciting innovative ideas, but they ain't getting commissioned unless they are el cheapo to make. I used to do a weekly show for Manchester's Channel M, getting out and about looking at... Continue Reading →

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