Rose Cottage – Squatters rights! A ferret takes residence

Now, I've had skip raiders but it's a first to have a ferret rummaging around in my rubble sacks!

It was hectic last week with Xmas do’s, my birthday and a family wedding in Durham, but this week things have calmed down again and it’s back to work at Rose Cottage – plus all the preparations necessary for the week before Christmas of course….

Although it still looks like a total bomb site, now’s the time for preparing the lighting, bathroom suite, kitchen and flooring, because the plastering is always finished way quicker than you’d imagined, and suddenly a thousand decisions are needed. All at once. Poor Marcin the builder broke his shoulder this weekend, but trooper that he is, he didn’t even take a day off. It’s the curse of the self-employed, you aren’t allowed a day off – I remember a nurse tut tutting as I was being wheeled into theatre to have my thumb sewn back on, and confiscating my phone as I was still busy texting and organising jobs.

I needed to go on site today to check various bits n bobs, plus also to sign off the Knauf insulated and fire-retardant plasterboards being delivered, and decided to walk up there, a) because it was a lovely mild day & I live two secs from Rose, and b) because me and him indoors aren’t speaking & my car was trapped behind his 🙂

I’d barely been on site five mins and was upstairs chatting to Marcin when a shout came from downstairs, and it wasn’t the usual Polish shout where I don’t know what it means but I know it involves swearing. We popped our heads down the open stairway to see something small, dark and carrying a piece of bread scuttling across the floor and disappearing behind the rubble bags.

She popped out from behind the bags and seemed oblivious to all the builders standing around gabbling and pointing, a gorgeous little chocolate brown and quite tame ferret! Gordon Bennett, there’s always something on our sites, life is never just straightforward and easy. Being a bit of a Dr Dolittle, I’ve got the RSPCA on speed-dial, so I called them up to ask what to do and how to do it. Dashed home for a box, a blanket, some duck tape, hardy gloves in case she wasn’t quite so friendly, and some chopped up raw liver. Didn’t need the gloves after all as one of the guys had managed to catch her and soon I was walking back home holding a ferret in a Christmas decoration box.

After making sure Mia the cat was safely upstairs, I opened up the box to find her buried deep down in between all the blanket folds. I let her out in the kitchen and she gingerly explored everywhere then nibbled at some liver, hid some behind the boiler (doh), had a drink, sniffed my Uggs, then went back into the box and nodded off!

Thirsty work, this exploring lark
Every skirting sniffed, every chair leg skirted, she's even been in the washing basket!

What do I do now??

I’ve twittered her, will Facebook her, and Channel M are even doing a little mention on the evening news!

Please forward this link, as I hope to reunite her with her owner/s, or else it’s RSPCA time….

4 thoughts on “Rose Cottage – Squatters rights! A ferret takes residence

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  1. She looks adorable. Make sure you get a cozy sleeping place for her. Ferrets sleep almost 15-16 hrs per day and like to be in comfortable hammocks.

    Also it is dangerous for them to run around the house or room if it is not ferret proof to an extent.

    1. Thanks for the sound advice, she did go straight to sleep in a blanket filled box! I found her owners (see later post :)) so Tessa has now left the building. I was very surprised at how cute she was, never thought I’d have a ferret in the kitchen.

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