Rose Cottage – specifying the Georgian style bathroom

Getting back on specifying track after yesterday’s ferret finding adventures, and today’s task is to order lights and the bathroom for Rose Cottage. Our furry friend made the local 5 o’clock news on Channel M which was very funny, but it was my lamp post ‘found’ posters and asking at a local MOT station with nosey mechanics always out on the road which located her owner, Linda who lives half way between my house and Rose. I’d walked right past her front door whilst transporting said ferret yesterday. ‘Tessa’ was delighted to be reunited with her owner, and off they went, leaving me with a blanket to wash, a piece of kidney still to retrieve from behind the boiler and a lingering ferret aroma in the hall, which an M&S festive candle soon sorted out. I’ve just had a call from the Manchester Evening News who want to run a piece on Tessa the errant Ferret too, can’t wait to see that 🙂

Georgian cottages like Rose Cottage 200 years ago weren’t noted for their extravagant bathrooms, so anything we do is really a translation of typical Georgian style, colours and detailing into a house which would never have originally had such a room. Cheating, actually. However if I gave Hannah a potty in the garden and a kettle, there’s a fairly solid chance I may end up with the potty on my head.

Shabby chic with a period twist is the order of the day; timber panelling, muted colours, wash stand style basins, subway style tiles, lace at the window…….

Georgina Riverside Location image from blog at

This image above has the type of basin preferred, with a chrome wash stand supporting the period ceramic basin. Kindly taken from Unfortunately a roll top bath isn’t practical in Rose’s bathroom as Hannah wants a powerful wall mounted shower, not the overhead shower style suitable for these period baths. We also only have 1600mm wall length where the bath can go and not the 1700mm of a standard bath length, so it’s a bit of a squeeze and a non-standard bath is required.

We’ve picked the basin from a company based over in Bradford called Burlington Bathrooms, the guys there have been super helpful: Ceramic washbasin with chrome stand

and the WC from the same range, which has the detailing of a ceramic handle with an oak seat. The seat also comes in a very dark oak finish and white, but the pale oak is similar in shading and finish to the timber flooring to be used and also to the kitchen unit finishes. This may seem excessive, as you can’t see the kitchen from the loo (obviously!) but the consistent use of finishes lends a much more professional look to the scheme – keeping to the same palette of materials gives harmony to a house! Close coupled WC with oak seat

And let’s face it, when this is the bathroom at the moment:

….it could do with a bit of harmony!

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