Rose Cottage – goodbye plastic, hello timber

Still working, even at twilight - lovely sunset over Rose Cottage

It’s been a hive of activity in little Rose Cottage this last week, I hope that little house will never hold quite so many sweating men in it again – I rely upon the virtue of the owner for that…Hi Hannah 😉 …. and things have really moved on. There have been surprises, the leak to the water mains and having to rebuild some lower elevation brick work, but unexpected occurences are about par for the course in the world of development. I’m no longer surprised by what old houses reveal during works, though the leaking water main was a new one for me, however this doesn’t make it any easier for the clients. Expect the unexpected and your budget to go up by 20%. Marcin has been amazing as ever, and despite fitting in coffin making ( and other contracts, he’s dealt with all the problems without flapping or the usual sucking in of breath many builders do (and I loathe).

Steve has injected a damp proof course into the mortar joints of most of the external walls and, due to the difficult nature of party walls, we specified a tanking system (plastic membrane) to the kitchen wall to prevent any damp in the future. I’ve worked with him for, blimey, nearly 15 years now, and trust him to do a good job in an industry known for a few too many unscrupulous traders (I’m allowed to say this as I used to run a dpc company and saw my fair share):

Party wall in the kitchen with tanking system in place - this wall is soon to be home to a magnificent range cooker!
Gloopy Dri-Zone oozing out of the injection holes

And at last something nice happening, the new windows have arrived! Lovely new Georgian style made from timber to replace the hideous plastic ones bunged in by the previous owner. Lots of issues with getting them level as the brickwork around the frames is so out of plumb, but better that the windows are perfectly straight and still open in five years that running with the brickwork and warping the timber.

That said, this one was a bit TOO wonky, so the guys took it out and re-set it
Me, caught checking out the windows!

Old plastic still on the top, and new timber below

Of course, this wouldn’t be Rose Cottage without a hiccup and, when the guys tried to take the top window above out, the brickwork moved just a little too much for comfort. The result? Some more brickwork to be rebuilt in the pillar between this bedroom window and the smaller bathroom window up the very attractive (?) alarm box to ensure no further movement.

It’s been a hectic week after my Vampire birthday bash last weekend. I’ve got quite a few tenants in and out of apartments before Xmas, plus a family wedding, a dissertation to do for college, plus Xmas shopping, drinking and carousing to shoehorn in. More hours in the day, that’s what will be on my list to Santa this year. I’m only giving him one more chance as he’s ignored me for the last ten years, after this year, if I don’t get at least another two hours, I’m finished with him.

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