How to have a Fangtastic Vampire Party

Top tips for an amazing Vampire Party!

Vampire Bride dress courtesy of Attic, Afflecks Palace

Inspired by my obsession for saucy True Blood and all things Twilight, I decided on a vampire theme – Twilight Thriller – for my birthday this year. Every year is party time but this one had to be special! Deciding on the theme early enough was crucial – big fat bats, fake blood  and spooky champagne flutes were bought in an Asda raid at Halloween, along with ghoulish make-up and capes. Thing is with my parties, they always seem to snowball and everyone started to really get into the idea of vamps and zombies.

I’d decided on a Vampire Bride costume – having studiously avoided tripping down the aisle up to now, I though it was about time I tried out a meringue 🙂 Having dismissed as dire the fancy dress offerings on-line, I scoured the charity shops and eventually found this frou-frou beauty on the top floor at Attic on the Afflecks Palace, Manchester top floor. Clearly it didn’t have the full frontal plasma gore when I found it, and for £35, what a complete bargain! A little sad to think this was someone’s ‘big day’ dress but at least it was going to a good cause…..

Lots of goodies from

Major panic one week before the event when we couldn’t find fangs ANYWHERE. It appears that the current fad for all things vampire has led to a bit of a shortage on pointy teeth and no local fancy dress places had the ones I wanted – the individual ones you mould to your own incisors then just click on and off. The good ones which you can keep in all night! An internet trawl led to Phil at who couldn’t have been more helpful, he was ace. They had Scarecrow (the make) fangs in every hue, black, chrome, blood tipped, but I was happy with just white. They also had the coolest neck tattoos (as used on Buffy), a latex stake to make it look like you’d been spiked, frothing blood capsules, nicotine paint for teeth….I got quite carried away. It all arrived next day delivery so we were nearly sorted. Just the cakes and coffin to organise!

Fang mark tattoos and fab Scarecrow Fangs - you just mix up the putty and fill the inside, pop them on and leave for 5 mins then click them off. They really do stay on all night, and you can talk, albeit it with a slight speech defect which is not great when you've to do a speech after the cake 🙂
Straightening out my latex spike! I first looked on line at hiring a coffin and the ones at this company were good and only £35, but it meant going all the way to York to pick up and then drop back again. Pain in the arse. Friendly builder required, Marcin the lifesaver! I went into the local timber merchants I always use for work and told the guys I needed timber for a coffin, which was a bit of a conversation stopper. I think they were a bit worried about my mental state cause they asked where Mr Moregeous was….. 😉 We decided on cheap £9 a sheet OSB (oriented strand board), as it was going to painted with brown fence paint anyway, and I got measured up……

Slightly earlier in my life than I thought.....

Two days later, Marcin had worked his joinery magic!

The students walking past though this was very amusing

Betcha they don’t make one of these on Kirsty’s Home Made Home any time soon.

The home-made coffin arrives!
Mia quality checks the Asda skulls
The vampire cupcakes were far too tempting for their own good, Mr M had to lock them away so they would last til the party
Bats and baubles at the ready
The coffin gets a vertical test run by a hefty vampire fireman, just a splash of paint needed now.

The Apple TV system was primed to play Thriller and cheesy 1980’s tunes all night, the Christmas tree was decorated in blood red baubles only and we were almost ready – bring on the guests….

The two blushing(?) vampire brides
Best ever zombie visitors at my door
Red contact lenses look brilliant!
Flour and water - perfect for a zombie complexion
Posters from Asda, boy dug up from the back garden
Coffin = Kodak moment
Who knew you could have so much fun in a coffin?!

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  1. Haha – nope, after an early upset with the Chorlton Sweet Tooth Cupcakery, they came good for the party cakes – the effort they put in was amazing, in fact I will have to blog it.

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