Ikea. Again. Fifth time this week.

Only for the fifth time this week do we grace the threshold of Warrington Ikea. Do really need to get more organised. It would help if we didn’t get through the checkout with part of the kitchen then forget to go round to the external pick up centre to get the rest of the order, and only realise as we were passing the Trafford Centre with no time to go back. Fools.  I blame the mind altering local anaesthetic on Wednesday.
So depressing to end up in there on a Friday night, so I took RipRap along for company, who came home happy with a bargain sale rug for £9.76; the quote “Now I’ve got a blue one not a white one I won’t have to wash it as much.” I despair at him every day.

Liked this new light at £65 , the PS Maskros designed by Marcus Arvonen.


And also these Rubrik glass kitchen drawer fronts which are discontinued and hence £3 each. They come in lots of different sizes, though are selling fast  and make FAB shelves, all you need is some shelf brackets. The white glass look great in bathrooms, but there are black, green and steel.

I used one at Project Cathedral – which has just been picked up by 25 Beautiful Homes, great news. You can see it to the left of the image, a black glass shelf.


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