How NOT to fit Ikea Strecket handles

How? How did he make this decision? Did he think it would look more attractive if we could see the screw heads, quite apart from the fact that you have to turn your hand upside down to grasp the handle?! This is the reason why project managers have to visit sites regularly 😉

Property: a collapse with Ikea exhaustion

Even I, with my honed-over-years-Ikea-stamina, gave up last night and collapsed back in the waiting room in Ashton. Yet another kitchen ordered, picked, hoisted onto trolleys (Mr Moregeous's job), lugged through the tills, then dragged over to DHL (with their extortionate delivery prices). Oh, I yearn for the good old days when you didn't have... Continue Reading →

Ikea. Again. Fifth time this week.

Only for the fifth time this week do we grace the threshold of Warrington Ikea. Do really need to get more organised. It would help if we didn't get through the checkout with part of the kitchen then forget to go round to the external pick up centre to get the rest of the order,... Continue Reading →

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