Property: a collapse with Ikea exhaustion

Been here so long, I'm literally part of the furniture

Even I, with my honed-over-years-Ikea-stamina, gave up last night and collapsed back in the waiting room in Ashton. Yet another kitchen ordered, picked, hoisted onto trolleys (Mr Moregeous’s job), lugged through the tills, then dragged over to DHL (with their extortionate delivery prices). Oh, I yearn for the good old days when you didn’t have to pick a thing, just gave your list in at the til and it was magically delivered the next day, but am now resigned to that never happening again. My poor back needed stretching out so there was nothing else for it but to utilise the furniture.

Today’s been a day full of running backwards and forwards sorting out little niggles on Project Squeeze

The Velux windows have been boarded round and now look like 'proper' windows
The living room is being boarded and they left me a little Polish joke - cutting a church window into the plasterboard 🙂

After much deliberation I finally marked for the Laura Ashley wall lights (top wires poking through), only took me 45 mins to get them perfect - Sian, it's a RENTAL!!

And I cannot BELIEVE I’ve to go back to Ikea ’cause the Hyco 15l water heater which I pop under the kitchen sinks in my rentals instead of having a boiler won’t fit into a 600 base unit, I’ve to swap it for an 800 wide one. This caused mucho builders stress to Tadec who though he’d have to change all the wiring and pipework, but I soon calmed him down by tweaking a few things so nothing had to be altered. Lots of decisions tomorrow but…..need some time out tonight, Albert’s Shed in Didsbury here we come, a nice romantic night with Mr Moregeous….. and Old Father Time, yup, dad’s coming too. Had to bribe him with something to help me clean down the hallways tonight and the promise of steak and chunky chips did the trick 🙂

2 thoughts on “Property: a collapse with Ikea exhaustion

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  1. Glad to see you are now part of the furniture Sian. Do i see brand new black and white curtains in your trolley? they came in this week and we used them in a new office roomset which we completed on thurs…they look beautiful up!!! Shame i missed you on your most recent trips to ikea, looking forward to seeing what you’ve done with that tiny space! xxx

  2. Fully fledged and expecting a Christmas ‘do’ invite Sally 😉
    Yes, those are the new black and white curtains, well spotted, or should that be striped…..

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