How NOT to fit Ikea Strecket handles

If you leave them alone for FIVE minutes.......

How? How did he make this decision? Did he think it would look more attractive if we could see the screw heads, quite apart from the fact that you have to turn your hand upside down to grasp the handle?!

This is the reason why project managers have to visit sites regularly 😉

Ikea Strecket handle fitted correctly

10 thoughts on “How NOT to fit Ikea Strecket handles

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  1. don’t get me started…!!
    last week i went to my site and just for my piece of mind asked my joiners to check the length of the cedar cladding they were cutting. they immediately said, it’s fine, don’t worry ric….
    i insisted.
    we then found that they had cut over 130 boards 4 inches too short.
    that’s about £1000 worth of timber. scrapped.
    as you can imagine, for the next hour we all had our heads in our hands and paced the site in silence. not even cursing.

  2. Hi, I’m thinking of using the strecket handles in my kitchen (on doors and draws). Could someone please tell me how thick the metal is? and does it require spacing the draws apart more to fit the thickness of the handle?

    Also, how are they to use? any complaints?

    1. Hi Isaac, no you don’t have to space the drawers any further apart to fit the handles, the metal is very slender. I like them, but they are definitely better with a more contemporary style kitchen. What style door are you using? Sian

  3. @ Isaac – Thickness of Ikea Strecket is 1 mm. Just don’t leave it for too long.
    Ikea is terminating Strecket, sadly. The last batches are going through the system now.

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