A Photoshop whizz and Rug Doctor mania

Day of rest my arse.

Started with a lovely fluffy omlette, packed with smoked trout and philly, then off to get Charlie and my Apple lesson. Dunderhead me though I’d changed it to a 1hr one, but it was a 3hr personal project with Kyle, who is the expert on Photoshop. And is he. Showed me his web-site, bloody amazing! I don’t know what you’d pay to get someone of his ability to give you a personal tutorial outside of the world of Apple but it wouldn’t be cheap – some Photoshop day courses are over £200.

This is his web-site if you are interested in looking at some fantastic work, I have never seen anything so clever done on Photoshop – I thought I was doing well to get rid of a spot off someone’s chin 😉


Mad dash round the TC present hunting for my 3yr old nephew, then Asda (urgh) for some essentials. We Brits shop like cattle herded in and out of cavernous brightly lit food sheds, it’s horrendous, but on a Sunday, with no provisions, necessary. Drop stuff off at Project Deano and decide on limestone and chocolate tiles for the bathroom, lunch at Si’s caf, then fire up the carpet cleaner….. Rug Doctor £28 for the day, absolute bargain, These rugs were shocking, red wine, chocolate, mud – and they came up a treat. Did take us several false starts, lots of giggling and a saturated kitchen floor though, plus a while to figure out you’ve to keep the spray button pressed in….

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