Design – A Belling drops in

6.45am they bloody rang! What sort of a time is that to deliver a range oven, how uncivilised can you get?!

The friend who’s bought the lovely Rose Cottage round the corner from my house has only gone and won herself a top of the range Belling Range oven in a competition run by Period Living Magazine – all singin all dancin, it’s massive! It’s now sitting in my spare room waiting for her house to be ready so it can be taken round there, but as the Listed Building Dept have now got their hands on the plans, it may be a few weeks before it’s fired up and any domestic goddessery takes place within it’s creamy walls….


My day just went downhill from that early start: an hour on the M60 in the rush hour, MORE childcare issues (is it just me who things it’s a bit much for a 10yr old to be in three different football teams when his parents live miles away from each other and don’t even speak?!), far too much paperwork and now back up the M60 again.

I know it’s been a stressful day when I don’t even consider  food ’til 3pm, then eat a revolting Birds Eye ‘chicken’ burger in the office so it stinks out the room out because I can’t tear myself away from the Mac – and I don’t mind. Being a workaholic is disgusting sometimes.

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