25 Beautiful Homes come calling for Project Cathedral

Oooooh how exciting, it’s all booked now, 25 Beautiful Homes ( http://www.ipcmedia.com/brands/25homes ) have booked to come and shoot Project Cathedral at the end of this month, through Maxine Brady, an independent journalist I met through another job. She used to be a stylist on House Beautiful, so clearly recognises a lovely house when she sees it 😉 It’s the monochrome apartment featured in the banner strip across the top of the blog

A photographer called Bridget Peirson ( http://www.bridgetpeirson.com/ ) is booked for the shoot, I haven’t met her before, but her interiors work looks fabulous on her web-site. How cool that she is going to work her magic on our funky apartment!

It probably won’t be in until after the new year as they work so far in advance, but it’s a great shoot for a Spring issue. Here’s hoping monochrome magic’s still in next year!

IMG_7116_2_3_2_2 IMG_7714 IMG_7017_2 IMG_6961_2_2_2_2

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