Unbelievably rude would-be tenant

I just had the funniest thing happen. Tenants are like buses, you wait 2 weeks with no viewings then 8 come along in a day. A flurry of activity this past couple of days on the small studio; a girl has decided she will have it, and is paying her initial deposit to secure it tonight. So I started to call the people booked in to cancel and as I was putting the phone from leaving one guy a message, someone else was calling. I thought I recognised the number from my list, and rang it back, explaining that the flat had now gone. Well, talk about fury, she was spitting feathers, saying I’m on my way there, I’ve got an appointment, why wasn’t I informed, this has been booked for two days. As I apologised and explained someone had literally just taken it, she put the phone down on me. I found that rather rude. Very few landlords give a monkeys about future bookings once a flat is let and most wouldn’t bother ringing to cancel other appointments, but that is what I was doing.

Now, I could have just let it go. I really could have. I nearly did. But I have had a very boring day. So I rang back and she wouldn’t answer, so I left a mail, say “Hi, I am the lady you just put the phone down on. You have missed out on the flat and I am sorry about that, but I was about to tell you of two more which have come on, but after that performance, you haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of seeing them.”

Was that naughty? She though so. In fact, she got her knickers so twisted she’d convinced herself I was the letting agent and rang up saying how dare I leave her such a message, telling me she was writing to complain about me IN WRITING and she had put the phone down because she couldn’t be bothered to listen to our excuses (?!) and we were disorganised and TERRIBLE letting agents and she was trying to call the landlady (er, me?) and we clearly couldn’t be ‘arsed’ about her appointment (?!)  and it was our error not hers and she was NOT HAPPY, etcetera etcetera etcetera. Blimey. I did giggle a bit. Clearly she hadn’t listen to a word I said and had just gone off on one in the initial conversation. Oh dear. I think she was probably even more pyrotechnic when I texted her to tell her that she was a very silly woman and not to write in as I wasn’t the letting agent 🙂

Its a toughie, but that’s what happens in rentals. When someone says “yes, I’ll take it!”, you can’t say no you can’t have it cause I have a very stroppy lady booked in at half 5 this evening and she may have altered her plans to make her appointment. Hey ho.

But all’s well that ends well, for us anyhow, the last flat is now let, plus I just sold a second hand sofa for £60.

And there’s a tasty Turkey Lasagne with Cherry Tomatoes and Lancashire Cheese bubbling away in the oven. Thats my boring steel oven, not a fab new cream range cooker, but you can’t have everything.

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