The Cotswolds Show

I didn’t get a chance last week to upload the pics from our visit to Gloucestershire, then forgot, but was reminded by an article in this week’s Sunday Times Style section which was so clearly inspired by the very same show…..”Labourer of Love” by Clover Stroud

Living with a big strong boy myself, I never understood the attraction of the fey handed city boy with pin striped suit and useless practical skills. If a man can’t build an Ikea unit in less than ten minutes, re-wire your house and carry you under one arm up the stairs, show him the door and boot him out of it! However, I have to say, I didn’t see many of these hunky chunks of manliness at the Cotswolds Show, I must say. Mine excepted, of course.

But this is what we did see, and all very nice it was too…….

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