Car crash claim mad rush & quick bathroom makeover

Its been another crazy day of racing round in the car getting as much done as humanly possible. Manic from half 8 this morning.

One of the flats which I did nearly five years ago has always had a rubbish bathroom, the water pressure isn’t sufficient to have a bath in there and the water tank heated by an electric element is inefficient and space wasting. It’s cramped and permanently suffers from poor air circulation which results in the black mould you get in bathrooms – Aspergillus Niger (I know this fancy pants Latin name as I ran a damp proofing company once in another life :-)). You cannot get the flaming stuff off once it’s grown on silicone, tenants never clean it off, and  it’s been a total pain every time someone has moved out. No more. It’s shower time. The bath is coming out for good, as is the water tank, and a double shower cubicle will go in at the left hand end where the tank cupboard was, the loo will stay roughly where it is now, and the basin will be on the wall where the bath is. And all re-tiled.

I use these fantastic 15L electric water heaters which are like big insulated kettles, when there is no gas supply in apartments. Normally they go under the kitchen sink, but in this instance it will sit in the bathroom, boxed off, and the hot water from it will feed the bathroom basin and the kitchen sink. I used to use Zip, a brand which was great but very expensive, and have recently found this make Hyco, which seems to do the trick at less than half the price, around £120 including the expansion vessel required.

We only then need a cold water feed for the electric shower. It is money spent out but this bathroom really lets the apartment down, and most of my type of young professional tenants are not that bothered about having a bath in a flat. It will be a better bathroom, easier to clean, and make the flat easier to let next time, so during this two week period before the new tenant is in, I feel it’s a good decision to make.

And on top of sorting that I’d a sofa to deliver in one part of Manchester, an medical report to check in totally another part, money to deliver somewhere else, the solicitors to sign statements for documents going into Court tmw for my whiplash claim (see earlier post!), plumbing materials to pick up, and my hugely filthy house to strip down, clean and get ship shape for friends unexpectedly staying over for 2 nights. Plus an organic shop as they are veggie in my meat eating maison. And my back’s given out cause of all the computer work the last two weeks so back at the miracle worker Dr Middleton tomorrow.

I need wine, and fast.

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