100% Design and Birmingham Interiors 2008 clips

Indulging my passions for interiors, quirky design and property refurbs this week on my last episode for HomesMine. They are repeating a property refurbishment of mine for a Didsbury special but these interior clips are new from the shows.

It can be seen at http://www.channelm.co.uk/homesmine/, and its Episode 25. It’s packed full of brilliant designers, and their work (of course you can speed through the bits with me on, it’s allowed, haha) .

Included are:

  • Judson Beaumont of Vancouver based Straight Line Designs with his Bad Table and Oops Cabinet. His work can be seen at http://www.straightlinedesigns.com/. There are lots more examples of his work on the site, the Beaver Cabinet is amusing ( not in that way, oh you are so rude !!!)
  • Alexandra Tinning and her thought provoking Divorce Cabinet, not something you would want to strive to complete at home….. http://www.alexandratinning.co.uk/
  • James Plant with his just about seen in every design publication this year ‘Private Dining’  –  http://www.jamesplantdesign.com/ It really is far cleverer in real life than it looks on the page.
  • Polly Westergaard at Westergaard Design and her collection of stags – apologies in advance for the ‘stag is not just for Christmas’ gag http://www.westergaarddesigns.co.uk/
  • Plus I got to chat to Piers Roberts from Designers Block about his thoughts on 100% Design 2008 and the effect of the dreaded credit crunch on creativity – it’s a good thing!!

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