Working far too late, I want go back to the zoo….

Oh boy. It’s nearly 10pm and I am still doing tenants contracts, paperwork, inventories. The downside of the world of property, the incessant office work, especially when those pesky tenants move in and out, how very dare they. My back is killing me, was cracked and twisted at the chiropractors today, and stuck with needles, and it is so sore to sit, but I cannot do paperwork standing up! Even the red wine isn’t helping.

I’m a little bit ( a lot) behind, as I should’ve spent the last few days at my Mac, but friends over from New Zealand, and the boys here, and Blackpool Zoo was a calling, and etc etc, not a lot gets done. Life gets in the way of work. Three lots of tenants in in the next two weeks, plus bathrooms to be finished, Project Deano almost done by the builders, the big glam photo shoot next week and my head is about to explode. Argghhhhhhhhhh.

But all will be well and calm again tomorrow. Just have to finish this lot tonight. Tell you what, that bloody landlord woman in the Sunday Times Rosie whatsherface never seemed to be struggling thru boring piles of office work. So irritating. Is it only me who does this, the only fool who self manages her own stuff whilst everyone else gets 19yr old office juniors in letting agencies….. I am starting to wonder.

I want to go back and live in the zoo, potter about with the giant tortoises, swim around, clap and get thrown fresh fish, cuddle up to the otters, it seems like a far easier life!

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