Going landlord Louboutin loopy!

I am going seriously wrong somewhere. My lovely tenant in our gorgeous monochrome apartment is all excited about the photo shoot next week for 25 Beautiful Homes and I called to her place last night to measure for a loft hatch to make access easier into the mezzanine storage area.

And I find myself asking a VERY PERTINENT QUESTION.
How come I, as the landlady and therefore property owner, score my shoes from Top Shop and my tenant is lining up the Louboutins and the D&G’s?! See! This is the shoe cupboard I have provided for her, specially customised with some flock butterfly paper:

This is all wrong on so many levels! I need a new career, this property malarkey clearly isn’t what I thought it would be, there’s no money in it, only muck n stress n trauma!
I give up!!

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