No!!!! Its a rawl plug, not a fountain!!

Buggary sodding buggary!!!!! It’s 7.05pm on a Saturday night, the last job of the day, the very last job….. After a day of butchered doors, upside down then righted shower cubicles, a lazy arsed plumber, none stop cleaning ready for tomorrow, the very last job was fitting the shower rail and it looked fab. Until I noticed water coming out of the joint between the base and the tile….. Realised what had happened, took the rail off to see this:

Now, even those not experts in plumbing know that rawl plugs dont generally have little geysers of water spouting out of them. And that this is not a good thing to be happening. Oh joy, the screw holding up the shower rail had gone through a copper pipe (which shouldn’t have been positioned horizontally in the first place) and water is currently flooding down behind the newly fitted and newly cleaned tiles.
Can this weekend GET ANY WORSE??!!!
Back to square one:

I think I may collapse.
Red Bull count 8.

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  1. Good blog. Private LLs get a bad rap, so details about the hassles are useful.

    Can you put some info in your ABOUT section?

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