Preparing for the photoshoot

Just occasionally I get to do nice stuff, it’s not all mopping and cleaning up after tenants. It’s been a tough weekend as this trapped nerve has prevented me from doing much physically, it’s getting very boring now, and I just wish it would go away. Too much to do for irritations like a bad back. 

Yesterday’s bathroom disasters have been rectified, on a Sunday, no rest for the wicked eh, but the tenant isn’t going to move in today as it’s not ready, so that’ll be  Tuesday’s job. Lots of time to get it decorated, sealed and finished off, but the priority today was to get some pink delights for tomorrow’s photo shoot for 25 Beautiful Homes. Having seen my images, the journalist writing the piece and the photographer ( ) have plumped for pale pink to accent the monochrome shoot, which is perfect as the tenant Zoe has just that interior vibe going on. They asked if I could pick up some pink cushions for the bed. A sensible person would not have left this til 4pm on a Sunday. A dash to John Lewis and Sod’s Law dictated, of course, no pale pink cushions. 

What I did find however 000026393was a rather fabulous Designers Guild duvet set called Maddalena ( ) lots of beautiful pink and white roses climbing up the material, which I cajoled Mart into holding up in the middle of the shop so I could try and imagine it against the wallpaper. With much eye rolling he said he felt like a pratt. He looked like one. But it did the trick and I think it’ll look Moregeous.

Bridget is arriving at 8.30 in the morning. Fun stuff for a change, can’t wait!

Designers Guild products can be found at

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