And we’re off! 25 Beautiful Homes photoshoot begins

Bridget the photographer was here at 8am and ready to go, with a car full of pink flowers and a list of do nots from the magazine – no lights on, no scratty bath mats, no weird angles, no shooting into corners!
Zoe had really helped out by ensuring her apartment was in pristine condition and all ready to be dressed and snapped.

The Desingers Guild bed linen looks lovely, I was worried it would be a bit too much but now it’s on, it’s gorgeous, I’d want to keep it if I lived there. Zoe’s got more bags, shoes and beauty products than Victoria Beckham, it’s a total delight to dress the rooms with her things. 25 BH’s is very much a home not a show home magazine so they want, no, insist on personal items, but it doesn’t go as far as say Living Etc with it’s mussed up beds, half run baths and funky angles

Need to go and get something sweet, pretty and delicious for the table, I may even have to give the snotty Sweet Tooth Chorlton cupcakery another chance hmmmmmm

I do take lots of photos of my own of houses done and staged, but on these ‘official’ shoots it never ceases to amaze me how much detail does into each shot, and how much fabulous faffing there is. Just moving a candle stick from one side if a window sill to another can make a huge difference to the balance of a photograph – honest!

Been off to get some chiro as a bit crap with pain today, omg he thinks I need an epidural?!! Back on shoot now, with some lush cakes for the table, getting a but nibbly now too…

Bridget re-shot the living room after hauling the tv from it’s perch as none of the other homes in the copy of 25 BH’s we have been referring to have tv’s in their photos. Zoe’s been for her portrait, just me to do now, and, as they say, it’s a wrap. Oh, and the cakes too. 25 Beautiful Cakes, it could be a whole new magazine….

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