Cellar like B&Q, Note2Self must use stuff up

Finding myself a cellar dweller again today, a bit useless and sick of being told not to anything heavy; headed down to the depths to find some limestone coloured sealant for the newly done tenants shower room. And success, found a nearly full tube, but hardly surprising as the cellar is better stocked than my local B&Q. MUST try to whittle stuff down, the recent cull was a start, but I have to persevere with this sensible and practical approach if I want to clear it all by the end of the year.

Oh buggar buggar buggar, it’s absolutely tipping it down, and I just heard the oddest sound of water on metal, so peer out of the window of the bathroom being worked on and saw….. ANOTHER JOB!!
Part of the guttering has collapsed, probably some fat Manchester pigeon sitting on it and water is drenching the wall, which in time causes the mortar joints to wash away and eventually damp inside the building.

Red Bull count: 4 by 2pm; 6 by 6pm

Tenant in; New potential job visited; Client back from Perth to check on his landlord refurb; Pitch going off the Channel 5 for new show I may be c0-presenting; H has been round to talk about the Shabby Palace………..too many things to think about and deal with for one human. Time to turn off and tune in to Dexter on DVD with a little Sauvignon.

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