Rosewood staining my teak tables

Something positive has come from those buggars trying to nick the teak tables from the flats, after they were dug and cemented back in, I revamped them with a lick of Indian Rosewood stain and some yacht varnish, and they look fab. Plus M sorted out the new security lights in the garden, and got the gate on. It’s only been sitting forlorn in the corner of the garden for two years, oops.

Tough day, lots of back pain is preventing me from sitting down for longer than ten minutes at a time, so office work and computer work out. Lost my rag with the whole claim / solicitor palaver. I haven’t the energy to fight anymore really, just want it over with. There was a guy in the paper this week, a soldier, who’d lost two of his friends and most of his pelvis in a roadside bomb, and he was just awarded £17,000, or something pathetically ridiculous and insulting like that. Puts things in persepective. I know my life has been changed by that blinking idiot who pulled out in front of me 3 years ago, but I’m in better shape than that guy, and many others. Need to get on with it.

Just not tonight, and not without co-codamol and gin.

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