Saved £500 on home insurance!! plus Landlords Insurance, so dull but necessary….

OMG OMG OMG How do they get away with it??!! We are too lazy to do anything about it thats why!! No matter how many times Martyn Lewis bangs on about shopping around sometimes life just gets in the way, and you think, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow, and guess what tomorrow never comes. Today was my tomorrow, HAD to sort insurance out. And I have saved OVER £500 on my home insurance. I cannot believe it (said in best Victor Meldrew voice). I knew it was high and needed sorting but that’s ridiculous, a crazy difference. Kneeling at desk as incapable of sitting today, but determined to now tackle business and car insurance!

It’s a fact of life at the moment that every penny counts, and everyone is looking to make savings to their outgoings, including me. It’s funny to think how cavalier we were just a few short years ago, when money was washing around, or at least wasn’t as hard to come by. My landlords insurance is also up for renewal and I have just had a shop around for other quotes. I shudder when I tot up how much I spend on insurance, don’t you? Building, contents, car, business, it’s thousands!I have previously used Hamilton Fraser for my landlords insurance. They are recommended through the National Landlords Association, and once again they have come up trumps, cheaper than all the others I tried. And in this case cheaper doesn’t mean a lesser service, they are easy to deal with, courteous, friendly, UK based, and when I did have a claim to make during those storms a couple of years ago, they were efficient and fast at resolving the issue and paying out. Er, why did I try anywhere else? Oh yes, to ensure I was getting the best price I could, and I was. Nice guys there too, just dealt with Lee, lovely. It’s a buggar I can’t afford to pay it off upfront, which means an extra 7.5% finance charge over the 10 payments, but such is life at the moment.

Just the car to do now, and this will be fun as I have just realised they have been ripping me off for a year…..

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