Trend Forecasting for 2009-2011; so what’s ahead?

We humans do like to feel like we’re in control of our own destiny, like we have choices….. well here’s some news for you, not when it comes to interiors!! Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, we do have choices, but in essence they are choices made from a palette already chosen for us. Interior design companies, furniture and paint manufacturers, style gurus all look ahead, in the same way as those in the world of fashion, to predict, shape and provide us with the interior products of the future. They know what colour we’ll be painting our kitchen before we’ve even decided to paint it, what wallpaper will be featuring on our feature walls before they were even featured 🙂

I’ve blogged about Scarlet Opus before, a company who trend forecast for companies telling them what will be hot, and what will not, and how to shape their decisions on what to design and manufacture. Of course not everything is written in stone, but big business employ every method they can to make a success of their business, i.e. sell their products, and consultation with trend forecasters is one such method. Their blog is on my Blog Roll for your perusal (

The reason for today’s blog is that I just spoke with Victoria, who runs Scarlet Opus, and am now scheduling in an interview with her in September when she is speaking at the National Floor Show about the trends for Spring / Summer 2010 and Autumn / Winter 2011. Also there will be Jeff Banks (Clothes Show fame and founder of Warehouse), and it’ll be great to have a chat with him too.

Victoria has just been appointed Colour and Trend Expert on the Fun on the Floor expert panel –, so it’ll be interesting to see what the new trends are for flooring. I see from the site that also working with Fun on the Floor is Danielle Proud, the Sunday Times interiors guru, who was just a tad dismissive of the Channel M team and our request for an interview when we met her at a design show (maybe she was having a bad day, she was pregnant and maybe just wanted to be at home with her feet up…)

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