Property: Jo Malone inspiration for the bathroom

c2My Liner Luxe client mentioned the interiors of the Jo Malone’s fragrance stores as ones she liked, and their aethestic certainly fits in with the direction we are going.

The boxes for their candles and perfumes are just divine, and evoke that simple but stylish 1920’s feel.

c1 pic

Even the front of the stores looks like elegant cruise liners…

And just look at the taps in this image!

scented-pampering We’ve already specified this type of Art Deco tap, but I do like this wall-mounted look, hmmmm a bit of investigation on-line is coming up, me feels…..

Also you can see Jo Malone’s actual bathroom (apparently!) at this link:

Love the glass bath panel, and how many towels must this girl have to need so much rail space?!

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