Choosing period taps for the Liner Luxe bathroom

I am going slowly mad looking at deck mounted traditional bath filler taps….. 🙂

They have to be perfect and just what the client wants, and quite right too, but they have an impact on everything, such as which basin taps are then bought, what style of bath, where to position the bath (ie if the filler is set far back to we need to pull the bath from the wall and tile some boxing off), what style shower to get, etc etc.

First fix plumbing should not and cannot be started properly until such decisions have been made and items ordered and on site, so correct measurement can be taken and worked to.

Although the Art Deco style has been favoured, see previous posts, the client prefers the more Edwardian style of taps. Purists would say this could not be accommodated but others argue the Art Deco began in the late 1800’s and developed into the 1930’s, so it wouldn’t be a complete interior faux pas to use more traditional taps. But will they then still look correct with mirrored finishes and a more accepted Art Deco style? Or should that be toned down?

Each decision made and item plumped for impacts on the end result; it’s what people sometimes forget when they are choosing items, and the result can be a mish mash of styles even though a plan was made at the start of the project. If it isn’t stuck to and followed through properly, the overall scheme becomes watered down and doesn’t ever quite hit the spot.

So making a decision on taps is important. Doesn’t stop your eyes glazing over after the 87th web-page though…..

And it’s the summer holidays, so Si’s caf is open for kids business; Rip Rap’s been drafted in on sitting duties when he just wants to be at the golf club. They try and get him to play Call of Duty on the Playstation but at 69 he is beyond useless, getting 8 kills in five minutes and ruining Charlie’s internet playing reputation, quite amusing. I think the PS for RipRap is about as interesting as I found Transformers 2 last night, but Megan Fox and robots just don’t do it for me.

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