The worst picture in the world!

Busy sorting a flat (previously posted and pictured), which is rented to tenants but currently empty and needing tlc, for friend who lives abroad. Oh lord, its worse than I thought…

This is a picture which is hanging in the flat, it’s big, say 80cm x 60cm, with pride of place in the living room. I can honestly say that I have never before seen an oil painting of a back yard, a trailer and a shed.

It is without doubt the worst and most pointless picture I have even seen.

I will have to ask my friend about this monstrosity. I hope to god he doesn’t say he loves it and left it specially for his tenants.

Whenever you go on a landlord refurb job, always take a handy lasagne with you for lunch

Quite the stupidest place for a window. You open the window for fresh air, you wash up, you knock yourself out.

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