Lush monochrome interior design feature for the Didsbury Magazine

The past few days have been so busy, I’ve not had chance to breathe, let alone blog. Project Deano finishing up, listed cottage nightmares, Linen Luxe coming on a treat, it’s all go, and no time to stop. Well, I did have time to stop and go for another scan on my back, which has been killing me all week, but I was told I ‘was not on the list’ by the quite scary looking woman who was in charge of ‘the list’. Then I checked my iPhone and I was a week early. First time I’ve been early for anything for a decade, I was quite proud.

So what else….all this work in the summer could be quite depressing but as it’s rained every day, it doesn’t seem so bad. Desperate for a holiday but no cash! A pal and I have pitched an idea for a tv show to a production company this week; they like it, we’ve agreed a deal and they are working on it to try and sell it to the Beeb, all very exciting, fingers and toes crossed.

I’ve been beavering away on the questions from 25 Beautiful Homes today, digging out receipts as they want to know where everything was bought and how much it cost; it’s all a big rush as they suddenly want the details by tomorrow. And of course they have q’s for Tenant Zoe, who has gone away for a few days, totally typical – not of her, just of life.

And that reminded me that i haven’t posted the last article for The Didsbury Magazine, which looked lovely:

DidsMag09 Pic 1

DidsMag09 Pic2

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