Red Magazine property pages rock Moregeous

Clearly Uma Thurman just wasn’t glamorous enough for Red Magazine this month and they needed a bit of property inspired Northern gorgeousness hehe:

Hey Uma, shift over haha
Hey Uma, shift over haha

I am a little confused by the title of the piece as I am not entirely sure the slump is over yet?! They do say pride comes before a fall, so it’d serve me right if I fell right on my ass after being linked to this headline!

A tad premature, the title, I feel, as itd doesn't seem to be over yet!

A tad premature, the title, I feel, as it doesn’t appear to be over yet!

Still, it’s fab to be featured, and my most favouritest bit of all has to be that Queen Beeny did the intro and had to be nice about me for a change haha

Red 09 2

But back to reality, a Monday of dealing with more Dulux paint which looks a lovely neutral colour on the card, but then is PINK! Last time it was Roman Stone 4, the palest one, this time it’s natural Taupe 4. I give up now. I’m specifying everything to be painted white, it’s just easier. Sod the design inspiration and all that crap, Project Deano’s landlord was right, it should be magnolia all the way.

We gave him a hand with the painting this weekend as he’s suddenly learnt what it is to be a hand’s on landlord – he’s arranged for new tenants to move in next week and he’s realised how hard it is to do the physical work yourself, whilst organising carpets, furniture, contracts, paperwork and spending time at home with his new baby. I am not convinced next week’s move in will happen, mid Sept would be a more realistic date, and he then wants us to renovate his other rented house, which is as bad a state as the one we’ve just done. Phewf.

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