Bathrooms, brain drain and brilliant news!

I don’t even know where to start, it’s been such a jam packed full to bursting week.

Linen Luxe has come on an absolute treat this week, with the odd total disaster thrown in for good measure:

All the wall and floor tiles arrived and the underfloor heating was laid (and taped down!), then a layer of adhesive put on to keep it in place. You can use screed, or adhesive, but if the latter, you need to mix in a flexible additive.

This stage is VERY important, and I cannot believe how much of a nightmare it would have been if we’d have cut corners and not done it, but instead had adhesived and tiled direct onto the electric matting. Because, after Edward has immaculately, and with love and care, laid all the floor tiles, the client arrived……and they were the wrong bloody tiles!!!!! The tiling company had sent the shade darker than we specified, and as they’d been piled under the wall tiles (which were the right shade) and stupid me had only seen the wall tiles… oh, what a disaster. I hadn’t been in the bathroom during the floor tiling process, but was instead sorting out the living room, saw only the far corner go down, and just didn’t notice the variation in shade from across the room.

And the client didn’t like the darker shade. Rightly so. We specified the paler shade as it is in keeping with the art deco look, a pale limestone is similar to the Portland Stone often used to build during that era, and the darker one was just too rustic and Roman looking. Several phone calls to the supplier later, the decision was taken to rip the whole lot up, thank god we’d not used rapid set adhesive and it was still wet enough to come up easily, though messily. And the Project Manager takes the hit. Ah, that’ll be me then.

So up it came. Edward was gutted. Totally. And I, equally gutted, cleaned every possible tile of adhesive so some weren’t wasted. It wasn’t the best of afternoons.

However the negative, and it was a fairly major one, has been outweighed by the positive. The bathroom is starting to look fabulous, and we have come to decisions about the mirrored panelling, cabinet and shelving, more images to follow. Plus things are starting to move with our tv idea and pitch, 25 Beautiful Homes is scheduled in for the November issue instead of after Christmas, and I’ve done an interview with Victoria Redshaw at, which should pop up on their blog next week –

It’s all go in the world of Moregeous and I haven’t even mentioned my amazing bargain finds in John Lewis yet!!

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