Back to work, no rest for the wicked

After three lovely, peaceful days on the West Coast of Ireland quietly wandering around Connemara beaches and holed up in a spa hotel, it’s back to work with a vengeance. Whilst I was away I was hoping that my whiplash court case may be settled, but it seems this legal trauma just keeps on rolling. I’ve been asked to provide a monumental amount of paperwork which will involve sitting in the office for hours and hours, which will, yup, you guessed it, knacker my back up again. What a nightmare. But it has to be done.

In order for me to address the work issues I hate doing ie. accounts and financial stuff, and this may sound weird to anyone who does not work from home and even only mildly understandable to those who do, I need to have a totally clear and clean house. This includes the kitchen, washing up, laundry and bedrooms, even though my office space is in a totally different area. Why is this? I have no idea, but I cannot start these tasks I loathe until everything else is neat and ordered. Maybe it’s a touch of OCD, I even hoovered my shoes. And have also spent the weekend clearing the debris and detritus within my office which I have managed to collect as the property and interior world’s biggest hoarder. Where do I collect all this crap from, and why? Secretly I know. It’s because I am at my absolute happiest with a scrap book, Pritt Stick and scissors (on a par with painting and decorating but less messy). I didn’t have any Pritt Stick today so using Photo Mount and am now high from the fumes, however I am not complaining as I am on a health kick and ‘on the wagon’ so it’s the only thing getting me high for a while.

Poor Mr M was roped in and we’ve already filled a wheelie bin with bathroom, kitchen and generally useless brochures dating back to 2002. Have consolidated them down to neat books for colours, kitchen, bedrooms etc which interior clients can now look through, plus a special scrapbook for thing which inspire me.

p_2048_1536_3cd736fe-ddde-4e2e-bd03-11c0e0311e06Not put much in it yet, but doubtless it’ll be full by Xmas, and it’s a huge one from Paperchase too. A lot of stuff by Marcel Wanders seems to be heading into the special scrapbook pile at the moment, including a photo of himself looking quite dishy 🙂

Check out this amazing house he has done for a very lucky (and probably insanely rich) client in Amsterdam :

Had to smile when I quickly flicked through a B&Q tile brochure from 2008, debating whether to chuck it, and it featured these Sketch tiles and called them ‘new’?! I saw these back in 2001 and had a pink one, it’s probably somewhere in the dreaded cellar still.

sketch-tiles Me n Sarah Beeny had a bit of a ‘discussion’ about them; she hated them, I thought they were quite funky, and I was very rude and called her boring. Can’t believe they are still being touted as new!

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