Moregeous features on the Find A TV Expert update for September


Great to be featured on Claire’s Find A TV Expert update for this month, along with some other experts… Jewish Princess Cookery, fabulous! Weirdly note that I am surrounded by brunettes; are brunettes more full of expertise than blondes? Discuss.

More Expert News

Caroline STracey & GeorgieNigelSian - propertyMindy

From left to right:

1. Fitness, Pilates, Yoga & Celebrity Trainer: Caroline’s just done a 30 minutes informercial for ‘The Resistance Chair’ in the US, which will be aired on CNN3.
2. Jewish Princess Cookery: From fabulous cooking to looking & feeling fabulous. Georgie & Tracey have just published: The Jewish Princess Guide to Fabulosity.

3. Mountaineer, Engineer & Frostbite Expert:  Nigel’s leaving for Nepal in October to attempt Ama Dablam, a peak in the Kumbu region.

4. Landlady, Builder & Property Credit Cruncher: Sian is featured as a ‘credit crunch beating’ property expert in this month’s Red Magazine.

5. The Book Midwife – Getting a book out in 90 Days: to mark the launch of her new book – 24 Carat BOLD – Mindy is running a competition to offer a lifetime’s worth of coaching, worth a million pounds.

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