Ideal Home mag loves our Liner Luxe bathroom

Spent the day buried in paperwork again, no fun, just no fun at all! Twitter and tenant viewings were my only escape, the former fun as everyone is bitching over Fashion Week in NY, plus the hysterical Kate Miller-Heidke Facebook song made me laugh a lot, and the latter was not quite so amusing, but necessary. Three lots of tenants out at the end of this month, and I am determined to have no voids.

Then a spot of listed building fun as H and I finalised the PPG15. My god, now I know why people who have ever had anything to do with a listed building run ascreaming and awailing at the thought of another one. Anyone would think it was a Grade 1 visited by thousands in the middle of a city centre, not a run of  little cottages tucked down an alley way  which no-one ever sees. I wouldn’t mind but they’ve allowed these cottages to be absolutely bastardised over the years with plastic guttering, upvc windows and hideous modernisations. It seems poor Han is the only owner to ever have actually bothered contacting the listed building team to ask permission for any work, and now they’ve thought Oh buggar, we bettter come down hard now, as we’ve completely forgotten to protect these cottages over the last 30yrs!

And a final bit of good news for the day, Ideal Home magazine have said they’d like to feature my most recent bathroom for a client, the art deco inspired Liner Luxe. Not had a feature in this one before….cool. I guess I’d better post some of my after pics, which I have totally forgotten to do before now!

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