More delicious monochrome from the V&A and Jaime Hayon

Oh dear, I’m so fickle, I’ve fallen in lust again.

There’s a very forlorn looking rocking chair in my front (junk) room, which has been sitting around waiting for me to get inspired to paint it / customise it. The time has come!

V&A Brocade Collection
V&A Brocade Collection

A quick dash into John Lewis on Sunday for some black grosgrain ribbon and other crafty sundries stopped me in my tracks when I saw this collection ( and immediately started to daydream about my own house again. I really do need to get on with it, because I’ve been collecting images along these lines for two years now, and still haven’t got bored of the monochrome and gilt theme – though by the time I get round to it, it’ll be done to death by everyone else! However, houses are not fashion accessories, it’s about the right style for you and your home, not chasing trends for the sake of it.

Even Jaime Hayon has rocked this theme with his amazing chess pieces currently gracing Trafalgar Square (can’t wait to see this later this week!). This is a great post about the installation:


My Deco are tweeting about monochrome :

And now this collection in John Lewis!

Time to dig out the chair: IMG_0454

and get cracking!

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