Emergency monochrome flower images for frames at Liner Luxe


There is always something over-looked on every job / shoot / contract….something which is soooooo obvious that you kick yourself very hard on the shin when you see it, sometimes with only minutes, but this time with just a few hours to spare. For the Liner Luxe shoot it was the picture frames – to fit in with the Jo Malone look, we’d bought some matt black picture frames from John Lewis, simple and elegant, 3 of, and hung them, and the client and I had talked about getting images of her and her siblings as children, for the surprise bathroom for her mum. So far so good, but with everything else going on, it had just been, well, overlooked.

So the afternoon before the shoot, I look at the wall and oh no! empty frames! No time to go out and buy images, very specific sizes for the frame insets – 15cm by 20cm, so it was a case of quick thinking and monochrome image alert.

Lily 2 small

Lily 1 small

Lily 3 small


It’s a good job I take lots of snaps at Tatton Park Garden Festival and keep them all, cause a quick flick through iPhoto meant three black and white images a-go-go and printed off to size, popped into the frames, and who would know they hadn’t been made to order!!


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