Design: Photoshopping a just ‘OK’ room photo to make it Moregeous

No 1 6961
First Image, with all it's foibles!

Trying to teach myself photoshop, I really should read the book but instructions are terminally boring, aren’t they, and there’s always something better to do. Took some pictures of the monochrome flat finished earlier this year, when 25 Beautiful Homes were photographing it, but they were very quick snaps and done after the lights had been packed away so don’t look the best. They look alright after a bit of PS magic though. Thought I’d put the process down on a blog, so you can see what can be done, even tho I am very much an amateur. A whizz at it can even make Kate Moss look passable πŸ˜‰

Lots of work for college to do this weekend, collating all the images and photos and samples from the Heaven Spa at the Hilton. Spent the day there earlier in the week and need to go back to get another couple of angle, my own fault for not taking the images I already had on the macbook. Though I was dodging in and around clients getting massages in the rooms, so it wasn’t the easiest of shoots!

No 2 6961 Shadows 13%
Step 1, get rid of some of the shadows
No 3 6961 Brightness +29
Step 2, Brightness +29
No 4 6961 Floor lines
Step 3, get rid of the gaps between the floorboards with clone tool
No 5 6961 Bed and bulb
Step 4, lose the light bulb and tidy up the bed linen, lose the boxes over the skirting bottom left and also the shadows on the ceiling
No 8 crop 6961
Step 5, Lose the door by extending the bed linen to hide the wall and crop the image
No 10 6961 rug under bed
Step 6, Extend the rug under the bed, and the floor. Used the clone tool then blurred the edges.
No 12 6961 bits round table
Step 7, Tidy up all the wallpaper edges and small table dressing (hard to see on here!)

All done and a much better image, even if it is cheating! Blimey it’s not X Factor, you know, it’s allowed on here πŸ™‚

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