Design – A ‘vintage’ look Gorenje fridge for Rose, fingers crossed!

It’s that knackering, back-breaking but quite fabulous time of the development at Rose Cottage – everything is covered in dust, men (and I) are running round like crazy, radiators are leaking, rollers are dripping with paint, floors are drying and it’s finally starting to look like a house, WHOO HOO!!

Almost there!

The (heavy!) kitchen was lugged down from Coach House last week and is being hoisted into place as I type. The was nowhere else for the boiler to go but on this wall, one of the constraints of working with a small cottage is sometimes having fewer options than you’d like, but it will be prettily boxed off real soon.

Lots of issues going on ….Which tiles to use for the basin and oven splashback – the ones which we’ve used in the bathroom look perfect, cream subway tiles, but is it too much to use them in the kitchen also? Which work top to pick as a section is needed for over the washing machine and the oak / style need to complement / match. The sink unit can’t rest against the wall due to the boiler pipes, but I don’t want to cut the top of the sink unit, so a section of boxing off is required = lots of fiddly detail decisions. The radiator therefore had to be moved inches to the right. Arghhhh, the usual kitchen type problems no-one ever foresees!!

Pre-kitchen arriving and floor down
Men deliberating. Together. Always amuses me when they do this.

And now it’s picking a fridge time. Right about where Marcin is standing on the right above is where the range oven will go, then to it’s right another oak unit, then the fridge. Of course, in such a goregeous moregeous little cottage we can’t just have any old fridge and washing machine, so some research has been done and it’s a no-brainer – retro all the way.

Found some lovely ‘vintage’ fridge freezers on the Gorenje site and am waiting to hear back on prices, they are so new even the pr agency only saw them last week! Aren’t they fab, I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite so glamorous a fridge before….hmmmm, hang on, I’m dredging up a memory from a trade show where I filmed with Channel M…. isn’t this the company who do diamond encrusted fridges?! I remember now, it was my very first ‘live’ interview with the then MD for Gorenje as the company jere just launching in the UK, boy was I nervous, especially when Sarah Beeny walked past. Luckily she didn’t see me or she might have pushed me in the fridge 😉

3 thoughts on “Design – A ‘vintage’ look Gorenje fridge for Rose, fingers crossed!

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  1. Hi

    Great blog!

    Glad you like the retro collection from Gorenje

    We have so many great colours! If you would like any more information just let me know….we also have a few new products coming along…have you seen the Karim Rashid range for Gorenje, an oven with moodlite feature allowing you to choose the colour given off, perhaps depending on your mood…from green, pink, blue…. , and a beautiful induction hob and hood

    Ruth, Marketing Manager for Gorenje

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