Life: Earth Hour 2010 West Didsbury Style

It’s funny how a seemingly random post on Facebook can turn into quite a lot of Saturday night running around, but that’s exactly what a pal’s post about Earth Hour 2010 did a little over a week ago. ‘Earth Hour’? That sounds like a load of old hippy nonsense, I thought, what’s that all about? One quick Google later and they had me sold – what a great global reminder for everyone to check themselves and waste less energy. I figured it would be quite cool if, in our little way, West Didsbury and the amazing bars and businesses which line my stomping ground took part. Helen from Didsbury Life was quite simply awesome in her organising of emails and collecting of participants, and before we knew it a mini event was born.

Granted the 8.30 – 9.30 hour totally interrupted our delicious Love2Eat chicken, leek and ham pie and everyone else was far more tipsy, far more quickly than both Helen and I, but we were really glad we tried it. Though no business is going to turn their lights out ALL the time, it would be nice to think that they’re spurred on to waste less and flick off unnecessary lamps or maybe even switch to LED’s & low energy lighting.

A huge thanks to all the West Didsbury businesses, bars, shops and restaurants who participated on a busy Saturday night, made an effort and put up with our week long nagging. And to those of you who didn’t, who felt they were ‘above’ such nonsense and cried ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘bad for business’, I have two words for you – Miserable Gits 🙂

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  1. What a fantastic event! saw some of the tweets for it, great that some motivated people (you!) got it together to make a community statement. Power to the people (green power, obviously)


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