Design: Some vintage additions to Rose Cottage

I’ve been non-stop since the weekend of Earth Hour, tonnes of work and a weekend in Amsterdam, no rest for the wicked eh? This week has seen all three projects on the go at the moment move forward. I’m heading out to Goulden to watch an original cast iron bath enamelling shortly (apparently it stinks to high heaven), plus check on Brighton’s two bed rental refurb, but first I thought I’d post some of the changes which took place at Rose Cottage yesterday. It’s almost there now and Hannah’s gradually accumulating all her perfect pieces to personalise her home which we then pop over to fit. Ok, I measure, plan and decide then Mr Moregeous fits!

Han’s ummed and ahhed over this mirror, which she’s had for nearly 8 years just waiting for her first home, as we weren’t sure if it was a little too small for the bathroom. However, not putting up a gorgeous mirror just because a six foot person may one day enter your bathroom and have to stoop is no reason to leave it in storage 🙂 The green picks up the eau de nil colour of the panelling and one day a perfect bathroom cabinet will sit just to it’s left!

Vintage mirror for the bathroom

Over at Brighton (the rental) the gold and glass lighting looked dated and 80’s, all shiny gold against blue flowery vinyl wallpaper, yuk…..

Before - not looking so hot against flowery vinyl paper

But I had a little idea – we cleaned them up and with a touch of black Hamerite paint, the lights were recycled and ideal for Rose Cottage in the living room and on the stairs. Hannah loves them but best of all they were free!

Painted black and looking much more vintage!

Buying a new fitted kitchen is easy when all the units and panels etc match, but going down the vintage route is harder – an eclectic mix can look thrown together fabulous or like a random load of old tat, dependent on your choices. Although the sink unit in the image below was new, we had to budget for the wall units and the choices in the sink unit range were limited and and higher than funds allowed. The boiler cabinet had been boxed in by the joiners using panelling, leaving a space to the left…..

…..and the perfect solution: Hannah’s trip to Levenshulme antique hall on the A6 unearthed a wall unit half the price of the new one, we persuaded the (very) nice man to let us take it home to see if the timbers matched ok before we were committed to purchase, it was just right  and it now hangs perkily on the wall housing spices and treasures.

Pine wall cabinet blends with the Coach House sink unit

More kitchen changes in the form of a mixture of Ikea Stat and glass Lidingo wall units fitted to either side of the range oven, which both work wonderfully with the panelling used elsewhere in the cottage. Mr M popped lights and deco strip underneath last night for some mood lighting, well, it was Hannah and Tom’s 6 month anniversary, hence the flowers in the sink above 😉 I adore all of her vintage kitchen bits and pieces, it’s lovely when clients have nicer dressing items than you could ever buy.

Under cabinet lighting shines from the Stat wall units

And last but not least, the oft forgotten door stop, I only included him because I bet no-one ever blogged about a B&Q rubber door stop before 🙂

Gardenia skirtings, eau de nil panelling, slate floor and the humble door stop!

And APART from all that, we also worked on the front door (pics to follow), Marcin sorted the electrics, plus we cut down a Billy bookcase to tuck away at the side of the wardrobe. It was 10pm before we got home with a Chinese, knackered.

Far too late to start re-drawing Goulden’s kitchen plans, that’s the task for immediately I finish this blog. Like, now.

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