Property: Solar kitchen going in at Project Grim

It’s all happening this week, I can’t keep up!

The kitchen is going in at Project Grim….. today the guys started fitting the Solar doors and the cream gloss worktop, with the fabulous Domsjo double sink – and it’s more than gorgeous moregeous, truly!!! It should all be done tomorrow, but I can’t resist putting a couple of ‘durings’ on ’cause it may take me a while to dress and photograph it as the client lives there.

Getting there with the Solar doors and Domsjo basin

Plus I’m hyper ventilating over filth. This happens often but not usually in a good way. Normally I’m getting riled about tenant derived dirt, but when I get excited over filth in a good way it always involves property porn, the type which means wonderful things are going to happen. In old buildings when you take down ceilings, you get all the sooty accumulated grime, dust and blackness from decades lying untouched, the lath and plasterwork when it collapses or is ripped to the floor is just grim – and I love it ’cause it means new heights for rooms and exciting changes. That’s exactly what’s happening over at Project Squeeze right now.

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